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How To : Halloween Skully Makeup Design

*I recommend reading through these instructions first and then going through step by step during application for best results.

1. Apply a good makeup primer to your freshly cleansed skin. We like Smashbox Prime Time.  This step is not entirely necessary but does increase the staying power of your makeup.

2. White Face: with a damp makeup brush (use a large to medium flat brush.  A foundation brush will work.  For a cheaper alternative you can certainly use any soft painting brushes from Michaels Craft Stores) create a paste in the top of your jar lid with your White Out , apply to the portion of your face you are going to skull out.  Wait until your white is completely dry to add your black.

3. Cheek Bones: to make it easier or if you are a beginner - suck in your cheeks to reveal your cheek bones, with a dry brush first apply your Black Out to the hollows and trace a light line directly below your cheek bones.  Use the photos above for reference guides on the placement but please note every face is different, don't be afraid to follow your natural contour.

4. Lips: apply a cream first!  We applied a nude lipstick - this will allow the makeup (which will dry into a powder, to move with your lips and not flake off while you talk, eat, etc.) with a very thin damp brush (I used a liner brush) and your Black Out draw vertical lines along your lip line and past your lips to your cheeks, have them fade into the black of your cheeks.  Connect the tops with slight arches.  The lines will look harsh at first, but we aren't done!

5. Nose:  using the handle side of a brush you are not using (like you would a ruler to draw a straight line), and the same thin brush you used for the lines on your lips - draw a vertical line up the bridge of your nose, follow the natural arch of your nostril  and then connect the two.  Fill in with the Black Out. *Do not blend the nose, I've tried it both ways and it seems to look better unblended with crisp lines.

6. Blending: with a dry brush and your Black Out, trace a line entirely around the white and blend it slightly to avoid a harsh line, pay special attention to your hair line blending forward in to the white to create a grey shadow and a more realistic effect.  Now go back to your cheeks, at the top of your cheek bones blend the line downward into your hallows, blend the harsh lines into the white slightly to create your grey shadowing. Your brush will now have the black on it, go under your lips and around the teeth you've created blending downward slightly.  Use the left over black on your brush to follow your vertical teeth lines upward toward your nose, and downward toward your chin to create a light grey shadow.

7. Eyes: If you choose to black out your eyes, line your eyes with your Black Out liner, follow right under your eye where your bones naturally end toward your eye with a dry brush (you do now want this line to be harsh), follow your eye up to your brow and continue to follow your brow with the black liner and a dry brush. Connect your brow to the outter corner of your eye and blend under your lash line.  Fill completely with a damp brush and your Black Out.

*8. Additional Shadowing: add a light shadow to your temple.  Raise your eyebrows and follow the raised skin with your brush to create a light shadow over your brow.  Make sure you have blended out the black surrounding the white on your face down your neck and into your hairline.

Brush Examples:

 Face / White Out                                               Detail                                            Blending / Black Out


Etsy Find! Orange Fuzz Boutique

I'm already thinking about the holidays and came across this shop recently.  I tucked it away in my favorites for that guy in my life who 1. already has everything and 2. is incredibly picky!  
This little box of useful treats not only looks absolutely stunning, but this shop has incredible reviews as well!  Another added bonus - simply add a nice satin bow around the already beautiful box and its ready to gift!


.:Tips:. Mature Makeup

Makeup can be tricky on "mature skin", which can be anything from sun damaged skin - to women in their late 40s and beyond.

Here are some easy tricks to keep a fresh, youthful appearance:
1. Color Glow is very important.  Color glow is taking whatever color you are going to use as a blush or bronzer.  Lightly (stressing lightly here) apply to the temples, cheek bones and jaw line to keep your foundation from washing you out.
2. Make sure your eye liner has a soft edge and is pointing upward toward the end of your eye brow for a lifting appearence.
3. Use a nude or natural looking lip liner to define your lips which will help them to appear full.
4. Warmer colors are more flattering on mature skin so choose colors such as peaches, apricots, and light warm brown tones.
5. Add a primer or moisturizer to your foundation before you apply it to your skin, this will assure that your foundation isn't too heavy which can call attention to flaws.
6. Use a very light application of powder to set your foundation.  Powders can settle into wrinkles and magnify their appearance.
7. Choose eye shadows that contain little to no shimmer and never put a shimmer on your brow bone.  Shimmers are the ultimate highlighter so keep this in mind when applying shimmers to textured skin.
8. Be sure to shadow your crease with a medium tone neutral color - keep it light and natural looking.
9. Taupe shadows are great for the outer corner of the eye fold to add definition here.
10. Add a soft drop shadow to your lower lash line for added definition to the eye.  This will also help your bottom lashes to appear fuller!


.:Tips:. Eye Color Out Loud

How to make your eye color really come to life. I have compiled a few tips and tricks for every eye color.

Greens & Hazels
Your hot colors are: *Golden Browns and Bronzes  *Golden Taupe and Khakis   * Plums and Violets
Tip: Choose colors that have yellow undertones.  The yellow in your green eyes will pick them up for a glowy effect!


Your hot colors are: *Rich Browns and Bronzes  *Taupes   *Soft Peaches and Apricots   *Mauves
Tip: Consider soft browns and tans with sandy or pink undertones to really compliment your eye color.

Your hot colors are: *Charcoals  *Cool Browns *Deep Plums  *Navy Blues
Tip: Highlight eyes with grey tones with a silver highlight right at the inner corner of the eye, this will make grey eyes sparkle!

Your hot colors are: *Coppers   *Bronzes   *Champagnes  *Beige   *Plums  *Blues   *Peaches and Apricots  *Golds  *Greens
Tip:  Line brown eyes with a dark brown or charcoal liner and highlight with a light champagne color on the lid for a super pretty bright eyed look!   Brown eyes have a free for all when it comes to color.

All Eye Colors:
Whether you have green, blue, grey or brown the following colors look beautiful on anyone:
*Light Greys   *Plums   *Bronze   *Brown   *Nudes and Naturals   *Peaches and Apricots

With the right application, you can achieve any look you like, with any color you want.  Remember placement is key and blend, blend, blend!

As always, let me know if you have any questions!  You can email me directly at, comment here, or visit my shop at 


Etsy Find! WigglePerfume Olympia WA

My favorite place to buy perfume is no longer Macy's department store.   They have nothing on this shop!  Each sent is so amazing.  Apricot Vanilla is so soft and sweet, while Bee is a pot of honey warm honey with a dash of spice.  They last all day long and are affordable enough to keep one on your dressing table, and one for on the go!

.:Try It!:. RareMinerals Cleanser & Moisturizer

I have been using this moisturizer since January and have really noticed a difference in my skin through the season changes.  I have very sensitive skin so I'm always looking for the most natural ingredients.  I haven't had the dry red spots I usually get when summer turns to fall, and I'm not overly oily at the end of the day like I was with my previous moisturizer!

I bought this cleanser when I ran out of my Philosophy Purity (which I still love and recommend), I wanted to try something different and since I was having such luck with the moisturizer I thought - why not.

I must admit it was strange at first.  I hadn't done any research on it before I made my purchase so when I went to use it and a bunch of powder came out I was a little shocked.  I looked at the box and followed the directions - love at first use.  Rosy undertones run in my family and I have noticed that the redness in my cheeks has gotten much lighter!  My skin feels so clean and really soft after each use.

Eye Shadow Placement Tips

1. Highlight just under the brow bone, as well as the inner corner of the eye.  Highlighting these areas creates a bright wide awake youthful effect.   Never use a highlighter that is too shimmery.  Something with a slight pearl or glow will do!

2. Putting a darker color at the crease of your eye creates a beautiful shape to frame your eye.  It also gives a backdrop to your lashes makeing them appear fuller. Same goes for the bottom lashes, although you want to be light handed down here.

3.  Choose a lid color with a light sheen to enhance the brightness of the eye!

4. And finally, the key to any good shadow application is blending!  Make sure you blend each color you use together where they meet and eliminate harsh edges.


Mobile Find! Vaseline: Aloe Fresh

Searching for aloe as close to the real deal was nearly impossible. I was lobster red and in total agony. These products from Vaseline saved the day and my skin!

I would normally just say "wear sunscreen" (just ask my mother) but in the event you do get a little crispy, these little gems are a life saver :-)

I got mine at Target, but I'm sure they sell it everywhere.  If they don't they should!

.:Skin Deep:. My Top 5 Skin Tips

  1. Use a good sunscreen every day.  The sun is your skin's number one enemy. While that sun kissed glow is what we are all after, there are better and healthier ways to get it that wont give you sun spots and wrinkles!   Try a bronzer, apply it everywhere the sun would naturally hit your face.  Apply a little extra to your hair line and brim of your nose.  Use one that does not contain any shimmer for the most natural look.
  2. Exfoliate daily!  Your skin can't remove its own dead skin cells - eek I know!   Exfoliation leaves skin clean, smooth and super soft.  It is necessary to help your skin look its most youthful as it helps to turn over new cells faster and more efficiently.   I exfoliate every night, here is my home made scrub recipe:  In a baggie add a tablespoon of Irish Oat Meal or Stone Ground Oat Meal, Brown Sugar, Organic Course Sugar, Corn Meal, 2 tablespoons Baking Soda, and Wheat Bran.  Close the baggie and mix the ingredients with your fingers.  Cut a lemon in half and place a little bit of the mixture on the lemon slice.  Rub it into your skin gently.  All of this should be done on a clean face.
  3. Reduce Stress.   Stress can really take a toll on your skin and in the worst kind of way (from the inside out!).  Try to reduce it throughout the day by doing a few simple things:  Take small breaks from stressful activities, Try taking a few deep breaths and clearing your mind for a few minutes, Take a short power walk, or hit the gym after work - or after the kids go to bed if you are a stay at home mom like myself - give the hubby some alone time to watch the game while you relieve some stress on the stationary bike!
  4. Skip the junk food.  Not only does it not make you feel your best, but it also can hinder looking your best as well.  Try to incorporate a few healthy snacks into your day.  And opt for water or unsweetened Tea rather than drinks loaded with sugar.
  5. Moisturize!  I can't stress enough how important this step is to your skin.  Your skin needs moisture to be healthy and hydrated.  Un-moisturized skin can become blotchy, red, itchy, cracked - all things no one wants to see on their face.  I personally use the Bare Essentials Rare Minerals Moisturizer twice a day (morning and night)  I also apply pure coco butter to my eye area, lips and anywhere else I feel needs a little extra moisture that night.
And remember, beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin~

.:Remedy:. Tea Tree Oil

                                   Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil


Have a blemish the size of Texas and a date this weekend?  Well, let me fill you in on my little secret.  Tea Tree Oil!  Its pure, vegan, and couldn't be any more natural.  All that aside, it actually works!  Cleanse and exfoliate or fallow your own nightly regimen aside from moisturizing the area you want to disappear, then dip a Q-Tip in this and dot it on my blemish.  It takes a day or so but you will most definitely see a difference (probably even the next morning!)  Keep in mind everyone's skin type is different, I personally have sensitive skin so I try to keep everything I put on or around my face as natural as possible. 


Desert Essence is the brand I use and I get it from Henry's.  The Body Shop does have a line of Tea Tree products that I have tried before and they are pretty good.  I don't however care for the fact that they put a whole bunch of stuff in their Tea Tree Oil so it isn't 100%.  Why mess with a great thing?


Tea Tree also has a bizillion other uses< Google it!